Step away from the Keyboard

Step away from the Keyboard

Recently I'm becoming obsessed. I'm spending my days sat in front of the computer either coding or scouring the web for new information on how to code better. I need to stop this. It's not healthy.

As an example of a day for me. Get up, read about the latest the tech/software news. Go to work, Spend the day coding. Finish, go home, work on some personal project, probably to the annoyance of my wife. Go to sleep, usually reading a software book or listening to a podcast. Any spare moment I'll spend watching tutorials on the web.

It's scary when I put hours to it. I've lost track of the times I've spent 14 or more hours in front of computer in a day. There is no way this is healthy. There is no way it is a good use of my time.

And its not just me. I know plenty of developers like this. I think there is something wrong with our industry as a whole. The overtime we work, the cramming for deadlines, the constant learning. It needs to stop.

The fact is this obsession is often seen as commendable. It often gets mistaken for passion. The fact is you can be passionate without being obsessed.

In my case its partly driven by not wanting to drop behind. I don't like somebody knowing something I don't. I have to go and find out about it immediately.

Its time for me to re-evaluate. I need to step away from the keyboard and enjoy some of the things life has to offer us. Go spend time with family family. Go get some exercise. I've got other hobbies, I climb and I surf, but these things have taken a back seat recently (partly due to an injury) because I've become obsessed with code.

For the next few weeks I'm going to limit the time I spend on the computer to try and re-address my work life balance. I don't think it should just be me doing this. I think there is a lot of us who could benefit from trying to reduce the amount of hours we spend in front of a keyboard. I'm not saying become a 9-5 developer but,

Is there anything wrong with limiting ourselves to 8 hours a day. We berate the 9-5 dark matter developer for not showing enough passion. But have they got the balance right?

Why not try and find a new hobby. Go out for walk, anything that is not to do with computers.


Nobody ever died wishing they had written more code

Right I'm going for a walk. I've been sat here too long